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Madrid Cinemas

Alcala Norte

Screens: Eight screens

Address: Alcala 414, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-407-2296


Screens: Twelve screens

Address: "Parque de Ocio Diversia" Av. de Bruselas 21, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-90-222-1622


Screens: Four screens

Address: Martín de los Heros, 14, Madrid, Madrid 28008 Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-559-3836


Screens: Two screens

Address: Alcalá, 106, Madrid, Madrid 28009 Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-576-2450


Screens: Two screens

Address: Callao 3, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-522-5801

Cines Verdi

Screens: Five screens

Address: Calle Bravo Murillo 28, Madrid, 28015 Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-447-3930


Screens: Five screens

Address: Calle Martin de los Heros 14, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-559-3836


Screens: Twenty Five screens

Address: Calle de Edgar Neville Carretera Madrid-Boadilla del Monte (Ciudad de la Imagen), Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid 28223 Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-512-7000

La Dehesa-Chamartin

Screens: Six screens

Address: C. Agustín de Foxá, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-733-7002


Screens: Nine screens

Address: Plaza del Carmen, 7, Madrid, Madrid 28013, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-902-48-8488

Teatro Real

Teatro Real was inaugurated on 19th November in the year 1850 i.e. Queen Isabel II's birthday. At that time, Donizetti's La Favorita had given an inaugural performance. It houses Madrid Symphony Orchestra and Choir. It took 32 years to built and embellish this theatre.

Address: Plaza de Isabel II. Metro Ópera, Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-516-0660

Auditorio Nacional de Música

Auditorio Nacional de Musica also know as the National Music Auditorium was inaugurated in the year 1988 in Spain. It adds on to Spain's provision of international standard concert halls. An exciting program of classical music concerts runs all year. Moreover, its Symphony Hall is occupied for Spanish National Orchestra and Choir. It has two concert halls namely 'The Symphony Hall' with a 2324 being the accommodation capacity whereas, 'The Chamber Hall' can house 692 visitors.

Address: C/ Príncipe De Vergara 146 28002 Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-337-0140

Other than Opera and Classical Music there are few theatres those put forth Madrid’s numerous classical and artistic cultural shows. These include classical music, dance, and contemporary style to name a few.

Some theatres are exclusively dedicated to perform theatrical shows out of which below mentioned are the most representative ones –

Centro Cultural de La Villa

It is located between Salamanca and Paseo de la Castellana at Plaza de Colon. The name 'Centro Cultural de La Villa' has been transformed into 'The Teatro Fernan Gomez' in the year 2007. It is named after the late Spanish actor, director and writer – Fernando Fernan Gomez.

There are various stages in this theatre. The main stage has contemporary Spanish drama, Zarzuela i.e. Spanish Opera and also Flamenco. Also, it has concerts of Ballet and Spanish Folk that are performed here, whereas, Children Puppet Theatre is held on the other stage. It attracts peoples with its art exhibitions and concerts.

Address: Plaza de Colón, 28046, Madrid, Spain.

Teatro Espanol

The Teatro Espanol, originally known as The Corral del Principe was incorporated in the year 1583. It is Madrid’s one of the oldest theatres. Its seating capacity being approximately 700, it stages major classical, romantic, contemporary performances by the dramatists. It generally hosts Spanish comedy shows and classics like Poncela, Lorca and Calderon. The building is featured with neoclassical frontage, attractive windows and pillars.

Address: C/ Príncipe 25, 28012 Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-389-6335

Teatro Alfil

Teatro Alfil is run by The Yllana Theatre Company. The programs here are focused on comedy, alternative and fringe theatre. It is headquarter for International Festival of Comedy Theatre. It is like a café theatre having tables and chairs in front rows and only chairs behind. It also has a small bar at one side of theatre.

Address: C/ Pez 10, 28004 Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-521-4541

Teatro de la Zarzuela

It hosts a show that blends Spanish music with dramatic genre. It is a show that amalgamates spoken scenes with music and dance scene. The theatre also hosts functions like Zarzuela, ballet and classical dance.

Address: C/ Jovellanos 4, 28014 Madrid, Spain.
Tel. No.: +34-91-524-5400

Teatro Maravillas

Address: C/ Manuela Malasaña 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Tel. No.: +34-91-446-8400
For more information, Visit Teatro Maravillas