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Madrid Cinemas

After a day learning all about the city history and exploring the culture in Madrid city, you can choose to relax with your family and friends watching the latest movie in the cinema halls in Madrid. Madrid offers a large variety of options of cinemas all over the city showcasing Spanish and international films.

Kinepolis Madrid Diversia
Credit: Kinepolis Madrid Diversia

Kinepolis Madrid Diversia

In cinemas Kinepolis Madrid Diversia you will find all the comfort you are looking for to enjoy good cinema: 12 rooms, with digital sound systems, perfect vision, absence of architectural barriers, large screens and an optimal temperature in each of them.

Address: Av de Bruselas, 21, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid) Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 916 62 24 62

Kinépolis Madrid Ciudad de la Imagen
Credit: Kinépolis Madrid Ciudad de la Imagen

Kinépolis Madrid Ciudad de la Imagen

Kinépolis Madrid is the largest cinema in the world and has an astounding 25 screens with a total capacity of around 9200 people. Aside from the wide variety in movies for screening, there is excellent sound system as well. Visit this cinema for a film, or to even experience the vastness of the structure in Madrid city.

Address: C / Edgar Neville s / n, City of the Image, 28223 Madrid Madrid,Spain.
Tel.: +34 915 12 70 00

Credit: Cines Golem Madrid


Previously known as 'Alphaville' among the locals, the cosy Golem cinema in Madrid offers a comfortable setting for viewing the best films of different categories for you to enjoy during your holiday. The cinema also has 5 viewing screens to get the most of the film experience. The theatre also has a small cafe to enjoy during the breaks.

Address: C / Martin de los Heros, 14 (Plaza de España) 28008 - Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 915 59 38 36

Cines Verdi
Credit: Cines Verdi Madrid

Cines Verdi

Cines Verdi opened up in 1997 and since then has been a popular fixture for people visiting. The cinema is located in the Chamberi district known for viewing amateur films. The cinema also boasts of nearly 5 screen rooms to view the latest of local and international films all in the comfort of this magnificent multiplex.

Address: Calle de Bravo Murillo, 28, 28015 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 914 47 39 30

Cine Callao
Credit: Cine Callao

Cine Callao

The Callao cinema of Madrid was built in 1926 and showcased the stunning Art Deco style of architecture of that time. The cinema house managed by Callao City Lights company is located at Europe's third-busiest square and has two screens in total with a viewing capacity of roughly 1200 people. The popular cinema theatre shows off some amazing movie premieres, shows and events as well.

Address: Calle Fuencarral, 123. 2º 28010 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +35 915 91 30 90

Artesiete Alcalá
Credit: Alcalá Norte

Artesiete Alcalá

Artesiete Alcalá is located in Centro comercial Alcalá Norte shopping centre. The cinema theatre provides maximum double arm, extra large armchairs with ample space to enjoy the best movies. You can completely enjoy the viewing experience with comfort and have a good time.

Address: Calle Nte., 414, Planta Segunda - Local 1 - 2, 28027 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 913 67 87 68

Cine Doré
Credit: Cine Doré

Cine Doré

The Doré cinema is located in Madrid, on Santa Isabel street, number 3. It was inaugurated in December 1912, although it was renovated by the architect Críspulo Moro Cabeza in 1922. It was again reformed by Manuel López-Mora Villegas in 1925. The Doré cinema showcases Spanish movies with subtitles for international visitors along with Italian, French, German and English movies. The golden and red interiors add an old, luxury charm to the theatre.

Address: ...C/ Santa Isabel, 3 28012 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 913 69 11 25

Cine Capitol
Credit: Cines Capitol

Cine Capitol

Cines Capitol is located in the famous Gran Vía area of Madrid and is one of the most iconic theatres located in the city. They have been showing films since 1933 and apart from mainstream films they also include documentaries, concerts, operas and other unique films. Visitors can enjoy the delicious food at the restaurants before they drop by for a movie viewing.

Address: Calle Gran Vía, 41, 28013 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 915 22 22 29

Cine Renoir
Credit: CC / Asqueladd

Cine Renoir

Cine Renoir in Madrid is a popular hotspot to watch international films in their original language. The movies also include Spanish subtitles making it perfect for visiting for the locals as well. There are three locations of the cinema in the city; Princesa, El Retiro and Plaza de España. Out of the three, Princesa is the most well known and showcases a lot of international productions including films in Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Italian, French and even Arabic.

Address: Renoir Plaza de España
Calle de Martín de los Heros, 12, 28008 Madrid, Spain.
Address: Cines Princesa
Calle de la Princesa, 3 - 28008 Madrid, Spain.
Address: Renoir Retiro
Calle de Narváez, 42, 28009 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 915 42 27 02

 Cineteca Madrid
Credit: Cineteca Madrid

Cineteca Madrid

Located in Matadero, the Cineteca Madrid stands tall and proud for having an audiovisual programme that focuses on real films and documentaries. The cinema has three screening rooms; the Plató with 129 seats, the Borau Hall with capacity for 65 people where people can enjoy workshops and seminars, while the Azcona Hall is named after the famous scriptwriter from Logroño and has a capacity for over 230 people. It is a state of the art cinema hall with the best sound and image technology.

Address: Plaza de Legazpi, 8 28045 Madrid, Spain.
Tel.: +34 913 18 46 74

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